Do not feel afraid if you have experienced that mysterious feeling of drifting off while trying to fall asleep and then suddenly shaking and jumping and waking up, because numerous people have already experienced that. But what exactly happens during that time is what many people are curious to find out and in this article you can read about that.

`’Hypnic jerk’’ is how the experts named it quite recently and it can be defined as a feeling that is really similar to falling. But there are some people that can have different experience and they describe it as a feeling like someone is choking them.

What can be the cause of the hypnic jerk to happen constantly is consuming caffeine and tobacco so if constantly experience hypnic jerk you should avoid those 2 ingredients. Also what can make it happen more often is not sleeping enough or taking some drugs like Ritalin or Adderal.

The hypnic jerk happens during the time when you are dreaming of you falling. The main cause of it is of course our brain because when you are exhausted and you fall asleep, your brain will not think that you are falling asleep but that your body systems are falling down so it gives the body a shock to wake it up and the brain causes you to dream about those kind of things in order to quickly wake you up.